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7 Ways to Boost your Stock as a Boyfriend

What I have learned through all my years in dating is that all women want 2 things…

  1. She wants to meet a guy that makes an effort 
  2. She wants him to be somewhat grown up.

When a woman meets a guy on a dating site she has a minimum standard for where he is developmentally in his life. Does he have a career, apartment, interesting things to talk about?  A woman can tell very quickly after meeting a guy whether or not he is above or below the line of maturity.  If you are above the line your stock goes up, as does your chance at a few dates. Mature women are not looking for perfection, just something to work with.  

woman standing near post outdoor

Once you get to this point you now need to prove that you meet her standards of Effort.  Effort is like code word for, presentable to friends and potentially family.  (I know, this didn’t make much sense to me either till I started to play by these rules and life became much easier for me).

These tips are a combination of helping you mature and learn to make an effort.  They may seem simple and maybe silly, but one thing they will do will be to Boost your stock either in your current relationship or as single guy looking for love.

  1. Add 2 pieces of art to your apartment.  You don’t need to spend more than 30 bucks, but it adds a bit of adult to your place and can be a conversation starter.
  2. Have a sitting area that is not designated for football.  When a girl comes over you should have a place to sit other than where you spill beer and wipe your pizza-greased hands on Sunday with the guys.  
  3. Nice sheets.  I’ve said it before…women will take notice of a clean and cozy bed.  It is a small investment that will yield multiple dividends.  Trust me on this one.
  4. Keep your guy time! Whether its Sunday Funday or Wednesday Night Hoops, these are the activities that keep you grounded.  When you let these go then you are giving up a huge part of you.
  5. Learn to cook 3 dishes really well.  Buy a cookbook, take a class, have your mom teach you, doesn’t matter.  The outcome is that you are now a cook and if it comes up in conversation you can be that guy that knows his way around the kitchen.
  6. Follow the “Pants Rule”.  Put on a pair of jeans.  Midway down your thigh pinch in the middle of the leg and pull up.  You shouldn’t be able to pull more than 3 inches of fabric!!!  I can’t tell you how many girls have told me that they thought a guy was cute, but his jeans were “too baggy”.  Guys, find a girl who is a friend and go to the store to buy a pair of good jeans!
  7. If you are single- force yourself to meet one person a week.  The more women you meet, the higher probability you will find a girl worth dating.  If you are dating, go on at LEAST 2 dates a month.  Keep the fire alive otherwise she won’t be around much longer.




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